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Age Of War 3 Unblocked

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About Age Of War 3 Unblocked

Even though that the Age Of War 3 was released long time ago in 2011 year, there are a lot of people who enjoy playing this game after so many time. In fact, the Age Of War 3 is the most interesting and most addictive strategy game that you can ever find on flash game websites. If you remember, in the second edition of the game you were playing against computer which started the same age as you - stone age. In Age Of War 3 everything changed - you have to fight against the alien invasion. Even though that the aliens have modern weapons and technologies, you can defeat them if you play wisely.

How To Play Age Of War 3 Unblocked

At the beginning of the game you will be asked to choose your name and create a slot for savegame. Those saves are stored on our website, so if you are planning to continue playing later, just add our website to bookmarks. So, after choosing your name, you will be asked to choose difficulty level and enter the battle. You can either watch the tutorial or start playing the game. In Age Of War 3 the most significant resourse is water. You should make the gatherers collect whater which can be transformed into money. Remember that the only way to win the battle is to destroy the base of aliens but at the same time you should think about security of your base. Build defensive weapons including turrets. There are a lot of different buildings that you can build to train new type of soldiers and offensive weapons. The best strategy in this game is not to hurry up and spend all money to upgrade the security weapons.

All the actions in the game are made using your mouse. Like any strategy game, Age Of War 3 offers you a lot of interesting levels and variety of weapons. As you progress in the game, you can upgrade and move into a modern age with all those modern weapons and cars. I am sure that you will have fun playing Age Of War 3 Unblocked at our website.